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         It's Out!    Paranoid Larry's much anticipated album "One Eye Open" is available.

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Paranoid Larry's Original Song Sets the Tone in Film’s Opening Montage

        The opening montage of Sundance film Please Give features Paranoid Larry’s original song; No Shoes performed by The Roches. According to Variety the montage is “hilariously set to Paranoid Larry’s “No Shoes”—that not only proves comically rousing but also embodies two of the films smartest attributes a determination to look past traditional Hollywood standards of female beauty, and a blunt acknowledgment of the indignity of old age and the inevitability of death.” Please Give was featured at Sundance Festival 2010 and has tremendous staying power in theaters nationwide.

New York Times: "More than most title sequences, the opening shots in Nicole Holofcener’s “Please Give” forecast what kind of movie it will be. There they are: breasts."

L.A. Times:  "Edgy, somber, beautifully written... a lovely piece of humanity"

Indiewire: "Aided by strong reviews, Please Give could be a sizeable hit."
Dark Horizons: "A perfect jewel of a film."

International Debut:   Please Give was shown multiple times at the world famous Berlin Film Festival.

Check out the Please Give Trailer. You may recognize a tune!

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Interviews and Downloads

      Downloads: Paranoid Larry Theme Song Jesus Shaves John Henry Stimulate This

ASCAP NETWORK AUDIO PORTRAIT Hear interview segments of Larry talking about his music, his influences and his unique songwriting method. (A must listen!)

Jesus Shaves on WNYC

Suzzy and Maggie Roche shared their latest music with host John Schaefer and performed Larry's song Jesus Shaves on WNYC Radio's "Soundcheck" show.

click here to listen to the show in Real Audio format.

Click the "Listen to the whole show" button to launch the Real Audio stream.
Jesus Shaves starts at 24:30, but the entire interview is a great listen!

Paranoid Larry and his Imaginary Band performing at Otto's Shrunken Head on 10/04/09.



Mutual Fans!

Larry & Rick Wakeman

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Check Out the Album   Moonswept by The Roches.

It features covers of 2 of Larry's tunes: "No Shoes" and "Jesus Shaves"